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Website creation and setup: absolutely no charge!
This covers everything from talking with you for what you want your website to look like, to the creation of your website, and everything in-between. Includes:
  • Personalized contact with the business owner, Joshua Jantz
  • Includes a personalized web address (like
  • Includes 5 (purchase more for a nominal fee) personalized email addresses (like Features include:
-Spam/Virus protection
-POP/SMTP enabled (i.e., you can download emails into Outlook)
-Webmail (check your messages anywhere you can get internet)
-Generous webmail space (holds thousands of normal emails)
  • Get up to 30 initial pages created for you on your website (add more later for free)
  • Turnaround time, depending upon demand, is often as fast as one week, but can take as long as two weeks. The real time necessary for finishing your website is also dependant upon the size of your website and the speed of your approvals.
  • You can update your website at any time with fresh textual or image content and changes, new web pages, etc. There is no extra charge for this, and the work is performed for you once you supply the revisions. We strive to keep response times to revisions at less than 24 business/office hours, and are usually finished in less than 16 business hours!

Other optional but fun stuff that can be included in your site is:
  • A contact form... folks can go to your website and fill out this form, click "submit," and you will be emailed with their question! This is also great for use as an email newsletter or event registration form
  • Audio or Video to welcome visitors & describe your business
  • A counter to add-up how many people are visiting your website
  • MapQuest maps and driving directions to your business
  • Weather reports... calendars.. and more

You bring the content and wish list for your website... we do the work!
The setup price is outrageously low (it's FREE)... if it doesn't knock your accountant's socks off you should check to make sure they're still alive. This is a really good deal, especially when compared to what other mainstream website design companies charge.

Why so low? It's really quite simple: we don't want to make your website and leave. We want to keep you as a life-long customer. We're committed to doing our DEPENDABLE best for your satisfaction, and we believe that the life-long value of you as our customer is more important than making a killing off of your wallet in the beginning.

Having problems figuring out what your website should say? No Problem!
Are you really busy or don't know what content to put on your website? No problem. Why don't you just have us develop the whole website from scratch! Usually a brochure or any other marketing piece that you already have can suffice to get things started. Then, once it's started, you'll probably know just what to do to finish things off. Of course, we'll be handy to help all the way through the process. If for some reason you don't have anything at all to work with, we can interview you and create the content from the results of our interview.

With Cavmean Websites You will experience a quick and painless way to get yourself on the internet, saving yourself lots of time and frustration, and you can always ask us to edit or revise the content to your hearts content. There is no limitation on how frequently you can ask us to revise/edit your website's content!

Monthly website hosting and maintenance: $45.00
This is an ongoing monthly investment that ensures we are available to help your website be kept fully running and up to-date. This includes, at no additional expense to you:
  • Unlimited changes to the existing pages
  • Addition of new pages (10 new pages/month may be added)
  • Your website hosted in a state-of-the-art web server and web hosting facility to ensure it remains open 24x7

In other words, with Caveman Websites you can get and keep your own customized and unique website updated and maintained, without doing any of the difficult "web programming" work yourself. What's more, you don't have to hire another employee, outsource the project to an expensive web design firm, or learn how to program html, php, cgi, flash, and all that other complicated stuff that is often necessary to building your own website.

Finally, here's an offer you can't resist:

Pay nothing up-front!

Do I hear you saying "Bubba Bubba Hubba Hubba?" That's right... keep celebrating, because you can let Caveman Websites create your website for you, and if you don't like anything, you may cancel within 30 days and owe nothing.

Give Caveman Websites a try, and don't pay a penny of your monthly hosting fee until you decide that you like what you see.

Don't miss out:
  • Free consultation
  • No up-front payments
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Fully managed for you email and web desgin/hosting service
  • Free updates/posting included
  • Only $45.00/month

What's there to loose? A lot if you don't get out of your cave. Don't waste time... call Caveman Websites at 405-200-1692 and ask for Joshua or fill out the form below to email Joshua and get all your questions answered!

Call 405-200-1692

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