Caveman wasn't always a caveman. You see, once upon a time he was in charge of running a small organization.

However, life gave him a seemingly really bad turn one day, when on a long ocean voyage he was shipwrecked and stranded, alone, on a deserted island.

Caveman never really liked technology. He never had time to learn much outside of sending and receiving email. Sometimes he simply had troubles figuring out how to program his VCR.

However, he was very adaptable and soon learned to adjust to his new stone age lifestyle. All those boyhood camping and survival lessons became very handy.

One day, while exploring the dark recesses of his cave on the island, Caveman tripped over something sticking out of the sand. "Egads," he cried out loud. "That really hurt!"

Turning to see what had caused him so much pain, he noticed that it appeared to be the corner of a wooden box that was submerged. Curious, he began digging it out.

"Hubba Hubba," he exclaimed when the box was finally pulled out of the hole. "It's a treasure chest!"

Pulling out his hand-fashioned stone ax, he soon had the lock broken and was prying the lid open.

"Bubba Bubba Hubba Hubba," he shrieked when the lid was finally open. Inside, the chest was full to the brim with gold coins, diamonds, and other valuables.

But his excitement at this newly found source of riches soon turned to disappointment.
"I can't use any of this stuff here," he thought. "If only I could get off this island, and return home, I would be rich!"

And that's when he really wished he had a website. "If only I had a website, I could tell the whole world where to find me!"

Oh, but he couldn't have a website, because he didn't know how to make one. Caveman was also very frugal, and didn't like the thought at all of paying several thousand dollars and high monthly maintenance fees to have someone else make his website. "Why, that could spend too much of my treasure," he reasoned.

This realization was the lowest point of his adventure. He was really depressed. For several days he didn't have a desire to eat. Not even his favorite seaweed salad topped off with boiled-in-seasalt seagull legs.

"Why is life so unfair?" he thought. "Why can't I get a website without having to pay an arm and a leg?"

Fortunately for our protagonist, Caveman Websites heard of his plight and came to the rescue.

"At first, when I was stranded with all that treasure, I thought it was the worse thing that could've happen to me," Caveman says. "But now I'm so glad I was stranded, because if not for that I may have never found Caveman Websites. Caveman Websites saved my life!"

"But not only that, they didn't try to take all my treasure in exchange. In fact, they charged me so little that I really didn't even feel the treasure reduction! All Caveman Websites wanted to do was help me out of my predicament, and such good help it really was! Without Caveman Websites I'd still be in the technologically dark stone age. Thank you Caveman Websites!"

Epilogue: if you are like Mr. Caveman and need rescued out of the dark stone age and into the internet world, but don't have the know-how or time to do it yourself, or are on a tight budget, then Caveman Websites is here for you! Read all about everything to see how we can help you get out of the dark and online.

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Why Caveman Websites?
Caveman Websites is the affordable source for your small business or nonprofit organization to obtain a quality website and receive ongoing management of that website, all at a very affordable rate that matches well with your small budget.

As a locally owned small business, Caveman Websites is familiar with the needs of other small organizations. Its goal is to provide you with an affordable and hassle-free way for you to obtain a web presence.

This will free you to focus on more important aspects of your business, such as building a successful organization, instead of worrying about how to program html.

Check everything out to see if Caveman Websites is a good match for your business. Feel free to inquire if you have any questions.
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